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  • Equine Nutrition Specialists

  • Equine Nutrition Specialists

  • Equine Nutrition Specialists

Consulting Services

  • Stud farms
  • Training stables
  • Performance horses
  • Feed testing
  • Custom formulations

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  • Head To Hoof® Balancer Pellet
  • Parbery Performance Pellet
  • Equine Shine Oil Blend

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Equine Consulting Services

With over twenty years of experience in equine science, nutrition and research, Equine Consulting Services provides a unique nutritional service to horse breeders, trainers and owners in Australia and overseas.  

Our aim is simple: to deliver scientifically based, nutritional advice for all phases of horse growth, development and performance.  Principal nutritionist Dr Caroline Foote is held in high regard by the veterinary industry and strives to assist in improving performance, optimising growth and reducing the risk of disease through improved nutritional and management strategies.

Equine Consulting Services offers a range of services to the horse industry including nutritional consultations, web and phone-based dietary evaluations and formulations, pasture and feed testing and custom feed and supplement formulations.  Equine Consulting Services also remains actively involved in equine research in Australia.